Residential Painting Services; Interior & Exterior House Paint for Homes

Roland’s Painting and Construction supplies a number of contracting services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater Spring, Texas area. We are completely licensed and insured to proved professional quality workmanship to our valued customers. At Roland’s Painting and Construction, our specialists have advanced training, years of valuable experience, and exceptional skills and talents in the industry. With the aid of high-end products, tools, supplies, and equipment exclusively sold licensed professionals we can assure our customers receive nothing less than premium results. At Roland’s Painting and Construction we uphold high moral standards and work ethics and apply friendly customer service while ensuring superior quality in all services rendered.

Residential Painting Color Consultations

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to your residential home in Spring, Texas, whether you need exterior paint, interior paint, or both; a painting project can make your home go from dull, drab and boring, to bold, beautiful and vibrant. Roland’s Painting and Construction will begin your residential painting service by consulting with you on your ideal options such as traditional classics or hot new trends, based on your likes and needs. Whether it is exterior or interior painting for your home, Roland’s Painting and Construction is the best in the business.

Professional Interior Painters for Your Home

Roland’s Painting and Construction residential interior painting is an ideal way to create change to the mundane in your home on a limited budget. With the versatility of colors, styles, designs, and application techniques, and the execution of textures and faux painting, the possibilities are endless. Roland’s Painting and Construction technicians can alter the dynamic of any room in your home with a simple coordination of drastic colors or subtle hues to make it into something you can relax and be yourself in.

Exterior House Painting Specialists

Roland’s Painting and Construction exterior residential painting is beneficial in a multitude of ways to your Spring, Texas home. Investing in a fresh coat provides a barrier between the materials of your home and the elements, keeping your more intact. The paint safeguards your house from the elements as well as pest damage and pollutants. Fresh coats also increase your home’s value and curb appeal, extremely beneficial if you are looking to sell your home. Over time, paint will dull and chip away as time marches on, which exposes the raw materials; getting a fresh coat on your periodically is a worthwhile investment to better offer your home the protection it needs. With Roland’s Painting and Construction, our technicians can paint your abodes exterior with the current modern trends, go with classic rejuvenation, or simply revamp what the current paint hues are to keep up with the natural home’s motif and your original style, but no matter what your desires are, Roland’s Painting and Construction can accomplish it.

Residential Home Painting Checklist

Roland’s Painting and Construction comprehensive residential painting service generally includes, but is not limited to the following:
Paint Color Consultation. Roland’s Painting and Construction paint consultation service will discuss every aspect of our residential service, pricing, listing, what you can expect, the steps, we take, and answer all the questions you have.
Surface Paint Preparation. Before we begin, we want our finished product to appear flawless and crisp. To achieve that result we first need to remove the surface coating, whatever it may be. Peeled paint, wallpaper, blemishes, and perform the minor repairs.
Taping Off. Following the preparatory accounts, Roland’s Painting and Construction commencing the prep work by protecting the surfaces from the drips and splatters and that are not getting painted.
Priming and Painting. Once everything is prepared our team gets to work with the prime coating and starts with the painting. Crisp edges, excellent coverage and overall beauty is what you can expect.
Painting Inspections. Roland’s Painting and Construction leading members inspect the finished project to ensure it is completed to perfection and if needed, adjustments are made.
Painting Cleanup. Once satisfied, Roland’s Painting and Construction cleans up the remaining mess,
Final Painting Inspection. After all the details have been completed, we leave final inspection to our valued customer.

Residential Painting Services; Interior & Exterior House Paint for Homes in Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood & Conroe Texas

Roland’s Painting and Construction performs residential painting services to the homeowners of Spring, Texas with tender love and care to assure you are getting the best possible results. If you are in need of professional painting treatments, contact us today to get started!