Residential House & Commercial Building Interior Painting Services

Roland’s Painting & Construction has been servicing residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Southeast Texas for over 13 years. Among our many services, we offer interior painting to commercial properties and residential houses. Being fully licensed and insured, our expertly trained professionals have not only acquired the expertise to execute an admirable interior paint service, we have talent and are passionate about giving our valued customer premium quality interior paint jobs.

Licensed, Trained & Experienced Painters

Whether it is your business that needs a makeover or your home that needs a face lift, a well delivered interior painting service could be the best investment you make. Colors play an intricate role in providing moods, dynamics, and energy. Choosing to incorporate hot new trends, or timeless classics, or even unique diversity can be accomplished with the Roland’s Painting and Construction professionals. Our appreciated clients are our priority. We are not interested in booking jobs, but determined to give each individual client our full attention and superior services. Between our customer service, attention to detail, service performance and cleanup, you will keep us stored in your smart phone for easy access to many more projects you have for your Southeast Texas home or business.

Roland’s Painting and Construction has some primary steps we take when our experienced and skilled technicians deliver our interior painting service. For your general idea about the process we listed the basics below.

Paint Preparation. All furnishings and items are safely placed in the center of the room, and well protected with the use of durable plastic sheets. Floors are then treated with drop cloths to prevent blemishes. Once secure, per our instructions, we will patch any holes, cracks and crevices, along with repairing or replacing any needed elements.
Priming and Painting. Primer is then applied using meticulous and methodical techniques, followed by premium paint. After it is thoroughly dried, a 2nd coat is then applied if needed.
Construction Cleanup. The cleanup is just as important as the painting duty itself. All drop cloths and plastic sheets are removed, and furniture is placed in their assigned areas.
Painting Inspection. We pride ourselves on our work, after it has passed our own inspection; we invite you to see the end result for your mark of approval.

Residential House & Commercial Building Interior Painting Services

Roland’s Painting and Construction combines our professional’s expertise with state of the art tools, exclusive professional grade equipment and premium products to present our clients with superior quality interior painting services for your Texas home or business. Our team strides to be as quick, but efficient as possible so your life is not intruded or disrupted for an overwhelming amount of time.

Roland’s Painting and Construction offers interior painting services, including but not limited to the following:

– Complete and thorough newly painted or previous painted interior walls.
– Paint stripping, and finishing or staining on wood work.
– Wall covering/wallpaper hanging or removal.
– Carpentry repairs or installation.
– Painting repaired or installed items.

Color Consultation & Interior Painting Services

Roland’s Painting & Construction know the importance of quality work and customer service. Our crew members apply both in all of our services, including interior painting. If you need precision and valuable interior painting services done for your home or business, call upon the leading experts in Texas!